About Me


I’m Diana and I live with my husband and daughter in a little village in the underrated county of Bedfordshire. When I’m not out exploring the countryside, you can find me surrounded by cups of coffee, planes, and/or copious amounts of cheese. 

When I started studying cinema, I was told that the only way of becoming who I am supposed to be, of telling the stories I ought to tell and living the life that’s meant for me is by going out there and seeing the world. I was young, poor, and naive to pay much attention then, but I hear that person now. One would call me a late bloomer.

This is my life through countries, food, coffee and local places that make my heart beat that one smidge faster.  I’m currently living vicariously through my past travels as at the moment we don’t know what the future holds, or how life will eventually shape up. I suppose this forms the beauty of the journey.



  • all pictures belong to me, and I’m not a photographer. I like to see the main sights but travel mostly off the beaten path for food, good coffees and cakes. Call it cakescapism.
  • I may also share daily nonsense and random thoughts, this is your disclaimer.